Technical Ear Training

Auricula is an ear training app that is geared towards recording and production engineers. I am neither of those but I like this app as it helps hone your listening skills in a completely different way from an ear training app in musical skills. I always feel that expanding beyond what is necessary is a great way to make your most needed skill set better. This app definitely does this for me.

auricle [aw´rĭ-k’l]
1. the projecting part of the ear lying outside the head; called also pinna. Auricle is an Anglicization of Latin auricula, from auris “ear” and -cula, a diminutive suffix.

Ear Training choices in Auricula.

Ear Training choices in Auricula.

The skills that Auricula can help you develop are:

    1. Recognizing filters & field (Core)
    1. Recognizing equalizer bands
    1. Recognizing gain amount
    1. Recognizing delay amount
  • These are pretty subtle skills in some cases but they way that the app is set up, you can hone in on any that you are having difficulty with and start getting better pretty quickly.

    Auricula lets you choose what to study in a section.

    Auricula lets you choose what to study.

    So for example, if you were having a hard time recognizing sum, you could choose only none and sum. You can see by the circle at the top right corner whether the filter is on and off and by using the app this way, you can slowly build up your recognition of all of the filters.

    Core ear training on just none and sum.

    Core ear training on just none and sum.

    One of the things that I really like about Auricula, is that you can import music from your library and use that instead of the pink noise.

    Choose your sound.

    Choose your sound.

    Each of the different exercises lets you customize the sound and the difficulty.

    Core settings page.

    Core settings page.

    Auricula is from a company named…Auricula. You can try the app for free and if you like it, and want to get rid of the annoying popups, it’s only $2.99. Or you could choose to unlock each section separately for 99¢ each. Auricula is a plus app though the iPad version is no different, just bigger. They also have AU plugins if you’d prefer to practice using your own DAW and the pieces that you are working on in those.

    If you are looking for something to help you get better as a producer or just a way to refine your listening skills, take a listen to Auricula.


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