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Anytune is a stellar application. You can use it to slow down music but keep the pitch which makes it really easy to transcribe music or learn solos. There are other apps that are less expensive for this but with all of the features of Anytune, plus it’s ease of use, this is the one that I recommend.

It is so feature rich that I’m just going to touch on those that I find of most benefit in my practice routine.
To start off with, is the import feature. Instead of having to go to the computer and transfer into the application through iTunes, there are a variety of ways to import the music that you want to work on.

iPhone view of importing

iPhone view of importing

One of the coolest things about the import is that you can record directly into the application. Working on something with a lot of notes? It’s great to be able to slow down what you played and find those little spots where your finger work is not quite as clean as you’d like. Love to have all of the options. (Be aware that you will not be able to open any music with DRM on it but you will get to see all of the music that’s in your iPod app on your device. Those with DRM are greyed out.)

In terms of transcribing, I love that you can find your place visually. This is a big time saver from other apps like this that I have used. Also very easy to set marks so that you can get back to the spots that you want to work on. You can also export what you’ve done so that someone else could import it into their Anytune app.

For practicing, there’s quite a bit built in. Easily loop the section you’re trying to learn or use the step-it-up trainer to gradually increase the speed of a section.

Step Up Trainer in iPad view

Step-It-Up Trainer in iPad view

There is a built in equalizer in the app. Really love this feature to help focus in on the line that you are trying to learn. Also nice to be able to delay the loop. Give you some breathing space rather than trying to scramble to get back to the beginning of the section.

Equalizer View on the iPad
(The equalizer is currently bypassed.)

I find it much easier to use this app on the iPad though I am glad to have access to it on the iPhone as well. There are also a few things like the equalizer that do not appear to be on the iPhone/iPod version. Told you they had good support! Bottom right hand corner on the iPhone the highlighted loop symbol gives you everything on the iPhone that you get on the iPad. Nice!

To give you a look and also let you see all the things that are available in the app. Here’s a look at two screenshots both with the help enabled.

iPhone/iPod version with help enabled.

iPhone/iPod version with help enabled.

iPhone/iPod version with help enabled.

iPhone/iPod version with help enabled.

The most difficult thing to learn about this app is all the different versions, prices, and upgrades. Luckily, this is a well supported app and the developer has a Comparison page to help us all out with this.

Anytune Pro+ is from Anytune.
It is a plus app and works on the 3GS and up and iOS 5.1 and later.

There are three different versions in the store.

    One is just for updates for people who bought an older version. Don’t get that one!
    There is one that is free to try that doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles: iTunes Link for Anytune.
    Anytune Pro+ is $14.99 currently. iTunes Link for Anytune Pro+.

You’ll have to pay an additional $4.99 if you want to be able to export slowed down or pitched songs as stand-alone playable files. This is not something that I currently need but I can see it being really handy for someone that spends a majority of their time teaching jazz to students.

I like this app quite a bit and have been having fun trying to learn various jazz solos on the bassoon. If you are interested in learning pieces by ear or making transcriptions, I highly recommend Anytune.


3 thoughts on “Anytune Pro+

  1. Thanks for the great review of Anytune!

    As an FYI – The FineTouch EQ is available on the iPhone. It is under the same mode button where you can choose loop, livemix, marks and lyrics modes. It was tough to squeeze it all down to iPhone size, but it’s there.

    Sean – from Anystone Technologies the creators of Anytune.

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